If you want to join ISDE:

ISDE was founded by doctors who were concerned about the state of the environment. So ISDE's core mission is to bring health expertise into the environmental debate.
But ISDE has broadened its scope to bring health and environmental expertise together: So if you are an expert in the fields of health and/or the environment, e.g. you might be interested to get in closer contact with ISDE.

If you are an individual

ISDE functions through its (national) affiliates. So please have a look at our member list first! If there is already an affiliate organisation in your country we suggest you consider joining that organisation. If there is no organisation yet in your country you might want to found one. Even a few likeminded experts joined in an organisation and connected internationally can make a difference in the country's political debate! If you just want to get in contact to stay informed: send an e-mail to info@isde.org and ask to receive our regular newsletter! The newsletter is produced by the ISDE scientific office. But some of our affiliates also produce newsletters often in their national language and eventually on specific topics (e.g. an indoor air quality newsletter in German) So please also indicate if you would be interested to receive newsletters in other languages than English (French, Spanish, German, Italian) and on specific topics as well. We might be able to serve you!

If you represent a national organisation working in Environment and Health

Please submit your application to info@isde.org Your representative should be able to communicate in English and should be willing to serve as link between ISDE and your organisation.
Your application will be discussed by e-mail in the ISDE directing board and your representative will be granted a preliminary status with access to the mailing list and the right to participate in our discussions.
At the next board meeting your organisation will be officially accepted as a new member (subject to approval by the next assembly) and voting rights (at meetings, by e-mail) will be granted.