Peter J van den Hazel


President 2001-2003; Chair INCHES, HEAL

Representing Nederlandse Vereniging voor Medische Milieukunde (NVMM)

Medical Doctor, University of  Amsterdam, 1982;
General Practitioner (House Physician); degree University of Amsterdam, 1985;
MPH: degree in Environmental Medicine, Dutch Institute of Preventive Medicine (TNO- PG), 1986–1989.
Public Health Advisor HazMat: registered 2010.
PhD in Management Sciences; topic: The raise of Children’s Environmental Health; 2013 Radboud University Nijmegen

Training received and courses attended, 1982 to 2001.
Epidemiology Course, CAREC, Pan American Sanitary Bureau, 1982
Workshop-Primary Health Care, PAHO, Domini­ca, 1983
Management in PHC-certificate, PAHO, Barba­dos, 1983
Advanced Management in Non-profit Organizations; ISW, 1985-1986
Advanced Epidemiology; Summer programme, Tufts University Boston, USA, 1987
Medical Statistics; Boerhave, Medische Statistiek, 1987  
Radiation Safety; Stralingshygiëne, TNO, 1988
Policy Writing; PACO, 1989
Corporate Environmental Care; Bedrijfsmilieuzorg, Euroforum, 1991  
Project Management; Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Over­heid, 1992
Disaster Management (NIBRA: Nat. Institute of Fire protection); 1995
Medical Management of biological casualties, US Army medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, 1997
Academic writing. Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen. 2004. Certificate.
Advanced Hazmat Life Support. Course 2008. Certificate.
Advanced Hazmat Life Support. Refreshing Course 2011. Certificate.