Quality Seal Commission

Purpose of the ISDE Quality Seal

The institution of an ISDE Quality Seal for industrial and non-industrial products should aim to achieve a number of objectives.

To create an instrument for an environmental policy which, by encouraging a greater awareness on the part of consumers and by subsequently providing them with a better informed market orientation and choice, will lead to products having a lesser impact on both the environment and people's health not only in the production phase but also while they are being used or disposed of.

The seal should encourage producers to strive to achieve better working conditions for workers as well as to minimise emissions during the manufacturing process and make more rational use of resources. Products will be encouraged which improve environmental conditions and which are not harmful for health during use or when they are being disposed of.

Technological research in the environmental and health fields will be promoted and consumers will develop greater awareness of the environmental consequences arising during the complete life-cycle of products which they use every day.

Who may be granted the ISDE Quality Seal

The ISDE Quality Seal may be granted to products or categories of products which are "environmentally sustainable", that is products which in their production, utilisation and disposal phases tend to maintain unchanged the accumulated stock of natural resources present on the earth while at the same time satisfying man's material, social and self-fulfilling (in the moral sense) needs.

Relationships have been established with various international companies which have their headquarters in Italy.

The commission specially set up for a preliminary appraisal of the conditions for awarding the ISDE Seal, according to what approved by past ISDE Directing Committee meetings, has never been in a position so far to give any answers because of the inadequate information supplied by the companies themselves.

The Regulations governing the granting of the Quality Seal can be obtained from the ISDE Scientific Office.

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