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Perception of Environmental Risks and Coping with Ecological Problems (PERCEP)


Survey on perception of environmental risks, related attitudes and ecologically relevant behaviors in the population. Data-Base.


Collect information on:

Involve general practitioners and/or teachers in health problems related to environment, as potential educational agents.


Subjects enrolled in the waiting room of general practitioners and/or students at school, in different geographical areas representative of the Country (appr. 3000 for each participating Country).

Administration of a questionnaire devised to the purpose during the waiting time or during school time. Data analysis comparing different areas of the same country and different countries.


Present: A Data-Base on ecological attitudes and behaviours.


Stefania Borgo, M.D. & Lucio Sibilia, M.D.
ISDE Scientific Office - Research Dept.
Piazza O. Marucchi, 5
00162 Rome ITALY
Phone/Fax. +39-06-86320838

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